First aid

First Aid Training

First Aid Training gives you the skills to practise First Aid in a variety of situations.  Trained first aiders in your workplace could be the difference between life and death, but knowing the correct thing to do if someone has a cut or a nosebleed is also useful.

Depending on the hazards and number of employees in your workplace your first aiders will need to be trained in Basic First Aid, Emergency First Aid or First Aid at Work.  Unsure of your requirements, please use the HSE First Aid at work assessment tool.

Basic First Aid
Emergency First Aid at Work
First Aid at Work

With a selection of HSE First Aid Training courses to suit your needs that can be run at either your own premises or one of our carefully selected venues throughout the UK.  For smaller organisations we also offer the flexibility of Open Courses.

With experienced trainers we specialise in First Aid Training courses suited to those in the construction and maintenance industry.

To book a course or for further details please contact us.